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Why Use A Travel Consultant? | Why Premier Custom Travel? | The Travel Consultant "Litmus Test" | Testimonials

"A cheap vacation can be an expensive mistake"

Pool at All-Inclusive Resort WHY USE A TRAVEL CONSULTANT?

In the internet age, you can book your next vacation 24/7 online. But to that website, you're just DATA. It doesn't care about your specific needs or take the time to understand what you really want from your vacation experience. And even the best call centers have dozens, perhaps hundreds of employees working random hours. What are the chances of speaking to the same person each time -- and even if you do, will they remember you and your preferences from the thousands of calls they process each shift?

Let's say you're not feeling well. You might go to a website like WebMD to get some general information, but when it comes to spending your hard-earned money, you go to an expert (in this case a doctor). So why leave your vacation planning to chance?

There are many reasons for using an expert for your travel needs, but three major points stand out:

  • Value - A travel consultant will work to find you the best deals and discounts, but they will also make sure you get the most value for your money.
  • Knowledge - Clear and complete explanations of all aspects of your vacation.
  • Protection - Should there be a problem, a travel consultant will be there to assist. They will also work with you to make sure you understand the entire process so that there are no surprises during the vacation. Many common "issues" experienced during travel can be prevented or anticipated with proper planning.
  • VALUE - There is a common misconception that travel consultants charge higher rates or add lots of fees to their bookings. While there may be some companies that do this, at Premier Custom Travel we do not add fees to our packages. Additionally, our prices are the same, if not lower, than those offered by online services or the vacation providers. You may see a lot of prices and offers, but read them VERY CAREFULLY. Often there are hidden charges or the rates may be limited. Your certified travel consultant will always clearly explain all charges and never hide any fees. In addition, our job is to get you the best VALUE for your money, which is often even more important than the actual price.

    KNOWLEDGE - Have you ever tried to decipher the various room options at a resort or figure out the difference between a base ticket and speciality tickets? The world of travel can be very confusing and the terminology can be maddening. A good travel consultant is trained to know the terms, understand the differences and help you make the right choices without having to spend hours researching and learning the industry terms. The best consultants are those certified by the various vendors (cruise lines, theme parks, etc.). Our consultants take the time to receive certification from our suppliers. Our entire staff also attends annual trade shows, travel conventions and various industry educational programs.

    PROTECTION - While most vacations go exactly as planned, there are times that things go wrong. In these rare instances, it can be extremely helpful to have a travel consultant on your side. Why spend hours on the phone or internet trying to find a way to contact the supplier or waiting on hold? We take care of all of that for you and our contact information is clearly available. Your certified travel consultant will even provide you with their personal cell phone number. You won't get that from a call center.



    At Premier Custom Travel, our goal is simple: Provide an outstanding planning & vacation experience based on the individual client's needs and delivered with the highest level of customer service. While many travel agencies now charge a fee for their services, we do NOT add service charges to our pricing.


    Whether you're looking for an economical family vacation, a first-class world adventure, or something in-between, we are here to assist with every detail of your experience. We offer vacations in four categories:

  • CRUISES on over 50 cruise lines and hundreds of ships
  • THEME PARKS including the world-famous Disney theme parks and Universal Orlando Resort
  • VACATION PACKAGES featuring guided and independent tours & itineraries to destinations worldwide
  • SANDALS & BEACHES RESORTS offering the most luxury inclusions at resorts throughout the Caribbean

    Hotel signWebsites don't know what you really want. That's why the internet is fine for LOOKING, but a travel consultant is best for BOOKING. At Premier Custom Travel, we specialize in finding an itinerary that is based on your personal preferences, not what a computer recommends. Your certified travel consultant will take the time to discover the things you enjoy -- plus the little details you'd rather avoid. We will help arrange all parts of your package, including airfare, accommodations, ground transportation, dining, tours, and so much more. Have a special request or celebrating something special? Ask about birthday and anniversary add-ons, available on many of our vacation packages.


    The service doesn't end at the sale. When you choose Premier Custom Travel, we'll also provide you with resources to help make your journey even better. Some features may include your own private online account (accessible world-wide), travel guides, tips to make your vacation travel stress-free, and many other optional add-ons. Be sure to ask us about these additional services, with most available at no extra charge.


    Don't stress over the details and spend hours online researching your next vacation. Let us start planning for you today! Please call (281) 301-5818. If you prefer, you may fill out our online information request form.


    When choosing a travel consultant or agency, here is a "litmus test" -- some questions you should ask and warning signs you should watch out for when picking your vacation planner.

    Is this company committed to the travel industry?

    Too many agencies are someone's "hobby" or only have part-time employees. Some are also part of multi-level marketing schemes and are more interested in recruiting new agents than learning the ins and outs of the business or servicing your reservation. Will they be there when you need them? Will they have the proper training and knowledge?

    At Premier Custom Travel, someone is always available to you. Want to talk at 10pm on a Tuesday? No problem. Need us on the weekend, during work hours or early in the morning? We're here. While some suppliers, cruise lines, etc. close their call centers and offices at night and on the weekends, we can book your vacation at ANY time. We typically return phone calls and e-mails within a few hours and often answer within a few minutes.

    Check the website!

    A company that hasn't updated their website in YEARS should be a big red flag. Also, check for missing graphics, blogs that haven't been updated in months or years and other signs that they don't take their business seriously. If they don't take the time to keep things up to date, will they take the time to make sure all the details are covered on your trip?

    Premier Custom Travel's website is updated daily with the latest info. We blog regularly and try to make sure that there is no outdated info on our site.

    Is your money going to the agency or the supplier?

    Be wary of agents who charge you for your vacation and then pay the supplier at a later date.

    Premier Custom Travel prefers to have the supplier charge you directly. Your credit card or payment will be processed through the supplier's bank and not ours. This guarantees that even if we were forced to close our business, your vacation would be protected. But don't worry -- we're not going anywhere!

    Are you getting complete and accurate pricing?

    Vacation pricing can be complicated and often the advertised price is just the starting point. Is your agent/agency giving you the total price for your vacation and are they taking the time to explain all the charges and what they mean?

    Your certified travel consultant at Premier Custom Travel will always give you the TOTAL amount of your vacation and then break down the price to explain each charge or fee. And speaking of fees, in almost all cases the price you pay with us is the EXACT SAME price, if not lower, than you would pay going directly to the supplier. We don't add unnecessary fees or try to nickel & dime you.

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